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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ready to start the Adventure

Here I am in mom's kitchen (where I was born...) with my first friend in the house.

We became very fond of one another. Her name: Babi. We sleep together on mom's bed of

Because I'm a Princess, I have my breakfast in bed. LOL.

Mom took me to the street to see the leaves falling... it was Autumn.

Now I'm a teenager and decided it was time to go to Canada to meet Dad.

This is my passport picture.

Here is my passport with pic and description as : my color: Tan, age, address, and Mom's
name. On the back you can see my health card with all my shots.

I helped mom to pack the bags and also buy my airline carrier.

Then we were ready to fly, and start my big adventure! . . . . yipeeeee!

Photos by Judy

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