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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bambina the Aeronaut!!

This was a fantastic experience for me. I took Mom and Dad up in a Hot Air Balloon.

We could see the whole world from up here.

This really was a High Adventure!

Here is the Hot Air Balloon rising high in the sky with the famous CN Tower in the background.

We were so high we could almost see home from here. I thought I could see Babi and the gang. Look how high we were!

Daddy called his friend Backup Brain to let him know how high we were.

Mom and Dad joined me in a Family Portrait to show the gang back home. They will all be so jealous when they see where I took Mom and Dad.

We landed safely back on the ground!

This was the most fabulous, fantastic, exciting, marvelous, wonderful experience of my life!

That was me . . . . . Bambina the Aeronaut!!!

Photos by Urso Branco and Judy

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