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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Close to Brasil at Point Pelee

One very cold day in Autumn 2004 I got all dressed up in my new Canadian Coat!

Mom was all dressed up in her new Canadian winter coat too.

We all went to Windsor, Ont and visited one of Daddy's friend. He took us all to Point Pelee!

We are on the boardwalk across the marsh. That is Arnold with mom and me.

We took a train ride down to the museum and the Point. That was wonderful.

Here we are at the Point.

This is the furthest south point in Canada. We are very close to Brasil here. This sign says we are at 42° N Latitude.

Here are Mommy and I as close to Brasil as we can get and still be in Canada. We are even as far south as Northern California. WOW!

We went back to Arnold's house where he had reserved this comfy chair just for me.

Here we all are; Arnold, Mommy and Daddy with me.

Our next adventure was Niagara!!!!

Photos by Urso Branco

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  1. Hello, Bambina! It seems like you are having a real good life over there! (Love the blue coat, by the way :-) )

    Since Teddy was attacked by a pit bull and pulled both eyes out, we have been a little bit scared of dogs, but you seems to be a nice gentle one. Could we be friends?

    Oh, by the way, thanks for the link! We put yours on our blog as well ;-)

    Teddy and Pencil