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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Niagara Falls

Here we are, Mom and me, approaching Niagara Falls, at the Welland Canal.

The Lift Bridge is very interesting, it goes up to let ships pass under it. WOW!

Our 1st view of the Falls, cloudy, wet, rain..brrrrr... COLD!!!

See the top of the falls (100 meters). Here the water before it falls.

Isn't that fantastic? You can see the mist of the water rising up. Pretty!

Look at Daddy, making pose to get a great pic!

Now the American side of the falls. It's not as huge as at the Canadian side but it's also pretty!

Powerful Lights to light up the falls at night. They have different colors to turn the falls prettier.

Ah! the stores of souvenirs! They are fascinating! Look at the size of this bear! But don't be afraid, it's not real.... hahaha

Mom liked the Indian in the Souvenir Shop. They hold hands!!!

Here we came to see the Control dam above the falls where they get energy.

We stop walking a bit when we found this nice place to rest.

These Big Gates control the water to generators. They can close them when there is too much water.

Mom went on the Cable Car with Dad. I stayed in the car waiting for them.

A view from the Cable Car over Niagara River.

I hope you like because Niagara Falls was the most beautiful experience I ever had!

Photos by Urso Branco

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